Weebly Release Notes: New Features and Apps from November

We made a lot of updates to Weebly Promote in November, including a new video tutorial that shows how to create your first email in just three steps (don’t forget, your first two emails are still free!) that you can check out below.

Here are the main feature updates we made to Weebly Promote last month.

  • Google Fonts - You can now use Google Fonts in the Promote Editor to add new fonts to your emails. Some mail clients won’t support these fonts, but you can use Promote’s share on social feature to market them on other channels. We assigned a font fallback that looks similar to the Google Font so your emails won’t break with unsupported fonts.
  • Sections in Promote - Design better emails using the sections feature for websites built specifically for Promote.
  • Email Notifications - New data about your email campaign activity, including a weekly performance report and notifications for completed lead capture forms, so you can continue to drive results.
  • Individual Campaign Performance Stats - See how individual campaigns are impacting your traffic and store sales over time.
  • Subject Line Emoji - You can now use emojis in all subject lines which improve open rates!

In addition to Weebly Promote updates, we also released iOS 4.22.0, featuring improved customer support, easier multi-device login and bug fixes. The new Android App was also just released with bug fixes to improve performance.

Some exciting new tools hit the App Center in November too, just in time for the holidays. Flashy is a great eCommerce tool to boost holiday sales, while Twitter-fu offers a unique social automation solution for your online store. According to a recent Sprout Social report, social media will influence holiday purchases for 1 in 3 Americans, so there’s no better time to promote your products on social. Here is the full list of Apps release in November.

  • Background Slider - Background slide for Weebly sections, replace a section background with a responsive slider that can hold up to six images - $15
  • My Mobile App - Transform your site into a mobile app, access your website directly from the home screen of your mobile device, send free push notifications to your users and get your app listed in Google Play and Apple App stores - $0 to $15/month
  • Realtyna IDX - Real Estate MLS IDX for Weebly sites - Free trial, then $69+/month
  • Events Calendar - Add an event calendar to your website, integrates with Apple, Google and Outlook calendars - Free trial, then $9.99/month
  • Scroll to Top - Scroll to top, home, back and email buttons for your site - Free or +$9.99/month
  • Notification Box - Fade in boxes to promote website deals - Free or +9.99/month
  • One Page Nav - Smooth scrolling responsive navigation menu for single page sites on the Birdseye theme
  • Flashy - Display recent purchases on your site, bring your online store to life with real-time customer interactions and social proof.
  • Twitter-fu - Automatic tweets for your online store, Tweets a random listing from your inventory - Free Trial