Weebly Release Notes: New Features and Apps from January

We hit the ground running in January with several sizable product improvements and integrations. Plus, the future looks bright for our new class of App Center apps. Behind the scenes, we’re heads down working on updates to our online store offering and increased security for all sites.

January Feature Releases:

Inspiration Center Refresh - Our beloved Inspiration Center received a huge makeover last month! You can now more easily navigate through articles and stay current with actionable content. Get ideas on website design trends, marketing tactics and much more. If you’d like expert advice delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for our weekly newsletter on the Inspiration Center or Blog and never miss a beat.


Help Center Improvements - We implemented new technology to help you find the answers to your questions, faster. Quickly get the information you need through knowledge base articles without a phone call, chat or email. If you can’t find what you’re looking for right away, our Customer Success team offers one-on-one support from a real human being.



Accessibility for All - We believe anyone should be able to browse the web. That’s why we rolled out improvements to make it easier for people with disabilities to access the content on any Weebly site by automatically adding copy to form fields, alt text to social media icons, titles for embedded multimedia (audio, video, document and flash) and alt text to site logos. These improvements help people that use alternative methods, such as keyboard input, screen readers and specialized software, explore your pages with ease. It’s our priority to make the web more accessible to everyone.

Promote Automations - Upsell customers post purchase and reward loyal customers with triggered emails. Plus, you can now select ‘Best Sellers’, ‘Newest’ and ‘Popular’ product categories in the editor and your email will automatically populate with the correct products.

January App Releases:

  • Easyship - Get access to 100+ shipping solutions and discounts up to 70% - Free.
  • PayPal Marketing - Add promotions to your site and get access to free insights into the shopping activity of visitors - Free.
  • RabbitSEO - Successfully manage and improve your site’s SEO using this intuitive app - Free to $25/month.
  • AutoMailer - Use your own email address to schedule and send professional email marketing campaigns to all of your customers at the same time - Free to $22/month.
  • Translate.com - Go international by translating your site’s existing content - Free to $299/month.
  • WherEver Chat - Live chat with audio call and video chat - $12/month.
  • popBox - Add pop-up boxes to your site to guide readers through the flow of your page - Free.
  • X Divider - Transform regular sections into beautiful share-based modules - $10.
  • Futurestay - Instantly add online booking and an availability calendar to your vacation rental website - Free.