Announcing Weebly Photo Studio

Rumpled bed sheets. Awkward shadows. Distracting backdrops. These are a few of the product photography fails that you might have seen plaguing online stores and marketplaces as the hustling entrepreneurs launching their businesses also attempt to master the nuances of perfect product photography. The problem is those lackluster photos are likely preventing shoppers from clicking the beloved ‘purchase’ button on your online store.

| Weebly research shows that more than 75% of online shoppers say that product photos are ‘very important’ when shopping online, meaning a single ugly image could cost you valuable sales. |

At Weebly, we don’t want any entrepreneur to lose a sale just because they don’t own an expensive camera, have the money to pay a professional photographer, or don’t know the best practices of how to shoot product photos (it’s pretty specific).

This is why we’re excited to announce Weebly Photo Studio, an easy way for you to focus on making your original products and let Weebly handle your professional product photography. This new service is available to anyone selling online across any eCommerce platform, including Amazon and Etsy, and for entrepreneurs who are looking to launch a new online store with professional product photos. The cost is almost half the average rate for multi-angle, edited product photos and there are no additional fees for products like apparel or jewelry.

Our goal is to make it easier for you to focus on your business and ultimately sell more with professional photos that give customers the confidence that they are purchasing a great product.

Case study, Waxy Wonders: Sales rose more than 80% with Weebly Photo Studio Photos

Jennifer, the founder of Waxy Wonders in Junction City, Oregon built her own business creating and selling her signature scented wax. She had high traffic to her site, but a low conversion rate. She admitted that her product photos were done with scrapbook paper and iPhone and she didn’t have the time to focus on photography. What happened when Weebly Photo Studio took the product photos for the majority products on her site?

  • Conversion of products with Weebly Photo Studio photography increased by more than 80%
  • Site wide, sales went up 30% in a month
  • Site wide, she’s projected to bring in more than $5,000 more in the next quarter with her new photos
  • One product, a scoopable wax, had never sold before and after Weebly Photo Studio, she sold $400 worth in two weeks



Case study, Mochisu: “It gave our site more consistency”

The founders of Mochisu found themselves trying to be new business owners and professional photographers. They took several classes, workshops and watched online tutorial. Their small NYC apartment full of studio lights, a camera, tripod and boxes of product that required a time consuming set-up and breakdown every time they wanted to take product photos. It wasn’t practical or scalable for a two person business. And this workflow also included hours for meticulous post production to make sure all colors were accurate, delete shadows and that each photo felt consistent with the one before it. With Weebly Photo Studio, they were able to get valuable hours back to focus on growing their business, bring a consistent look and feel to their site and of course get their living room back.


Here’s how Weebly Photo Studio works:

  1. Mail your products to our NYC office
  2. Customize by choosing your background color, image format, and telling us how you want your product shot
  3. Work on your business while Weebly’s eCommerce experts take three photos of each of your products in our in-house studio. Let our team handle the edits and touch-ups.
  4. We cover the cost of shipping to send your products back to you via USPS Priority Mail
  5. You receive your products and a link to your new images within 14 days!

Want to try it out? We’d love to have our professionals shoot your amazing products.