Our Friends Bike Across the United States for a Great Cause

Brett Ashton and Derek Steer, friends to many of us on the Weebly team, are currently riding their bikes across the entire United States to raise awareness & money for World Bicycle Relief. They have made it about 2/3 the way through their 4000+ mile, three month journey and have been chronicling their adventures in detail on their Weebly website, powerofbicycles.com.


World Bicycle Relief is an organization that provides bikes to people who need better access to food, water, education, & health care. For example, in Zambia, Africa, AIDS is a widespread epidemic and World Bicycle Relief has given thousands of bikes to health care workers, allowing them to deliver AIDS treatment to patients in remote areas of the country. World Bicycle Relief also provides bikes to the children of Zambia to help them get to school. Children in Zambia often have to walk dozens of miles to get to class. Having a bicycle makes this multiple hour long commute a lot more feasible for the children.

Brett and Derek have had an exciting, eye opening journey so far, but they've also experienced a number of difficulties including severe knee pains, many flat tires, broken spokes, and very HOT conditions.

Here's a little excerpt from their blog:


"At 9:45pm, Derek got his third flat of the day. It was completely dark, and he had to remove his headlamp from his handbars so that he could see to fix it. It's hard to say whether the light from the big rigs passing by at 70mph was a welcome help or just plain terrifying. Now without any spare tubes left, we rolled into Fort Stockton. We spotted what looked like the only restaurant near any of the motels, a Chinese buffet, and rushed in 5 minutes before closing. It was 11:30 by the time we checked into our hotel and after 1 before we got to sleep. It was a 19-hour day, during which we probably spent 13-14 hours on the road or fixing flats."

We're super proud of these guys for battling through these obstacles, day after day, all in an effort to increase the awareness for World Bicycle Relief. A bike costs about $130 to provide; and these guys have raised enough money to provide 46 bikes, so far. Their goal is to raise enough money to provide 200 bikes, so they still have a ways to go and only a few weeks left to do it. If you'd like to donate to this great cause, you can visit the donation page here. Keep in mind that you don't have to donate enough for an entire bike, as even a $10 donation is highly appreciated.

Brett & Derek put together a quick video to talk about their experience and why they're doing this, and we've also included a second video to show the real impact of WBR's efforts that you can watch below.

Congrats to Brett & Derek -- we wish you guys the best on the rest of your journey!!

PS. Great job creating an outstanding Weebly website.