Open invitations and home page changes

Along with a couple bug fixes, we’ve made some fundamental changes to the way Weebly works. First, with some advice from Paul Graham (of YCombinator), we’ve done away with our invitation system. Second, we’ve revamped our home page to present a more detailed look into what Weebly is and what it can do for you. Third, we’ve removed the “Weebly Network” header bar.

  • Open invitation system. The purpose of our invitation system was to limit the size of our user base to something within our resources — or at least until we can throw another server into our cluster. Instead of requiring that users have an invitation to sign up, we’re letting any user sign up until we reach a preset limit. Users with invitations will always be able to sign up, regardless of our limit. If we hit the limit, users without invitations will be placed on the “invitation list”, as before, until we can accommodate the extra users.
  • Revamped home page. We’ve revamped our home page and added a feature list, an introduction video following a user creating a site from start to finish, and a “Discover Weebly” section with screenshots detailing various aspects of the interface. Dan created the video — let us know what you think of it, and the other changes we made to our site.
  • Site Header Bar. We received a lot of feedback about the header on published pages — for the most part, users didn’t like it, so we took it off. We designed it to be attractive, but agree with you that it’s a bit invasive. We’ll eventually want to integrate some additional features using some type of bar, and we’ll be sure to get your feedback before we implement that. To remove the bar from your published pages, log-in to Weebly and re-export your site.

We appreciate the feedback we’ve received in the past two weeks, and it has been very helpful. As always, let us know what you think of the site, and if you have any comments or suggestions.