Capture Leads and Grow Business with an Online Form Builder

You can use an online form to drive business and visitor interaction through a variety of effective tactics. Forms can capture leads, help users sign up for a promotion or even register for an event.

Creating robust online forms like these can seem like a tough task. But it's quicker and easier than you might think with 123 Form Builder—available to use on your website directly from the App Center.

With 123 Form Builder, you can create customized forms in just a few minutes for any number of use cases. These forms also integrate with 10 different payment processors to help encourage sales.

So, what can you do with a great form? Let's take a look at a few examples created with this online form builder.

Payment Preauthorization


A payment preauthorization process can help save your time and the time of your clients. Preauthorization allows a client to consent to automatic payments before they occur. The form gives each user the opportunity to submit all paperwork and be “prequalified" for billing.

Case study: Laucandrique uses a multi-language form (French and English) that authorizes the company to debit the user's bank account for monthly fees. In addition to contact information and address, the form asks for a void check (using a File Upload field) and for the visitor's agreement on debiting their account (using a Terms of Service field). Lucandrique also triggers a custom autoresponder to confirm they received the form and specifies next steps. Finally, the information from the form can be used to process payments using a number of different processor options.

This form clearly outlines what the user is signing up to do and includes form fields that make it easy for users to enter information.

Complex Applications or Questionnaires


Some forms are more complex than others, based on the needs of your small business. 123 Form Builder comes with 25 field types and more than 100 form templates to help you get started. Plus, you can do it all inside a drag & drop form builder so even the most complex forms are easy to design, and easy for users to fill out.

Complex applications or questionnaires are more common than you might expect. From spas to doctor's offices, a long form can make the process of an in-person visit easier (and you won't have to decipher hand-written forms).

Case study: The Posh Pooch uses a complex daycare application form. The form is split into seven pages, in which the dog owner is required to give various details about the dog, from breed to and veterinarian to the dog's personality. The form has fields of all types and ends with an agreement consent, all meant to ensure the fact that your dog can safely be taken into the daycare, along with other dogs. While a form with this much detail is not for every small business, it shows the flexibility of a form-based application.

A form like this can be used to start a record for new clients, one that you can always refer to later. This form also features conditional logic (to show certain fields only if they are relevant) and the save and resume feature (to allow the user to save before finishing the form and continue later).

Lead Generation

One of the most common uses of forms is to help businesses capture all leads. It doesn't matter if you are a world-wide company such as Coca-Cola or just opened yesterday, a form is an important tool when it comes to communicating with your customers.

123 Form Builder includes the ability to create custom designs so you can capture leads with a visually engaging form. If you aren't sure where to start, consider asking users for an email address to start a marketing list to connect with them later.

Case study: P2Insight uses a lead generation form inviting website visitors to ask a question, leave a comment or request a demo. The online form collects contact information and gauges product interest. The form is protected against spam with the included 123 Form Builder reCaptcha widget. Because of the form, P2Insight gets new leads sent to designated employees' inboxes. This information can also be managed in the submissions section of the 123 Form Builder account.

Messages can be sent only to the relevant persons, based on the selections that the visitor makes in the checkbox field. Also, the form can be integrated with third-party email marketing apps to help companies grow email marketing lists automatically.

Get 123 Form Builder

123 Form builder lets you create different types of forms and add them to your site in just a few steps. Benefits include advanced form customization, advanced data security, submissions database and reports, custom notification messages and much more. A wide range of form templates are available such as contact forms, order forms, event registration forms, feedback forms, surveys and quizzes. Have you used 123 Form Builder on your site? Share your thoughts on the app with us in the comments below! If you haven't used 123 Form Builder yet you can add it to your site for free from the App Center.