NY Tech Meetup

I was very impressed with the NY Tech Meetup, the turnout, and the high level of discussion that took place. For those not familiar, Meetup.com facilitates real-world meetings between people of similar interest and has over 2 million users — one of those meetings, the NY Tech Meetup, is run by the founder of Meetup.com and draws a crowd of 500 people every month.

Out of 6 presenters, more presentations than not were top notch, and there were many interesting and intriguing ideas. I highly enjoyed the presentations by Freshnotes, NowPublic, IONdb and Electric Sheep Company — each had their own vision and oustanding product. I thought it was great to have an official “aftermeetup”, and it was unfortunate that the weather dealt a blow that made the bar a bit on the hot side.

I thought Weebly had a very warm reception at the Meetup, and was very encouraged by many of the positive comments we received. Our presentation went very well, and there should be a video up within a couple days. We also had the opportunity to talk to many interesting folks after the fact, who all had very interesting ideas and suggestions — many of which we may implement.

Stay tuned for a video of the event, which I imagine will be available soon.