Monthly Release Notes November 2018

We’re excited to share some amazing new features and tools to help entrepreneurs like you sell more this holiday season!

Square Gift Cards - Now redeemable on Weebly


The holiday selling season means a potential spike in gift card sales. Studies show that customers who shop using gift cards actually end up spending more on purchases. As part of joining the Square family, we’re happy to announce that Square gift cards can now be redeemed by your customers, on your Weebly Online Store. Get more details on Square gift cards here.

Ready to sell more with Square gift cards?

Weebly Photo Studio

We recently conducted a survey of online shoppers, and over 75% of them agreed that great product photos influence their purchase decisions. But great product photography isn’t as easy it looks and can also be pretty expensive. To help sellers of all kinds gain easy and affordable access to professional images, we’ve introduced the new Weebly Photo Studio.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Tell us how to shoot your product – Choose a background color and file format at no additional charge.
  2. Send us your product – Order as many sets of photos as you'd like then ship us your products.
  3. We photograph it – Weebly Photo Studio shoots three professional studio images of each product
  4. Download your photos – Within fourteen days, we'll send you info on how to download your three product shots and we’ll ship the product back to you.

Learn more about Weebly Photo Studio.

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