New updates for June

Hey everybody, we're here with new Weebly updates! Check out the latest feature releases below.

Which website builder am I using?

As you may know, there are two different Weebly website builders and not all features are available on both. Before we get started, let’s briefly go over how to determine which builder you’re using.

When you create a new site in your account, if you select “website”, you would be directed to the Weebly website builder, and if you select “online store”, you would see the Square Online builder.

The Weebly website builder looks like this:

...whereas the Square Online website builder looks like this:

Now let’s get to the details!

Please note this feature is only applicable to those using the Square Online website builder, and not the Weebly builder (see above for more details).

Display the payment methods you accept in your site’s footer by enabling a single toggle. Head to the site editor and edit your footer to enable the Payment methods option.

If you don't see the Payment methods toggle in your footer in the site editor, you might need to select Customize and choose a different footer layout. Some footer layouts do not include the option to display payment methods.

The payment methods that you’ve set in your Checkout settings will automatically appear.

For more information on customizing your footer, check out our detailed help article.

Single-use coupons

This feature is available to those on both the Weebly and Square Online website builders.

You can now limit coupons to 1 per customer for all coupon types. Enable the Limit coupon per customer toggle to set a usage limit for $ discount, % discount, free shipping, or free delivery coupons.

Head to your coupon settings to create a single-use coupon.

We hope you enjoy these updates, and we’re excited to bring you more in the coming months!