Manage Your Site Anytime, Anywhere With the Weebly Mobile App 5.0

With over 90% of small businesses predicting they will have a website by the end of 2018, an internet presence is now a necessity for every business. Among the small businesses that already have a website, nearly 80 percent also say their website is mobile friendly. As the number of internet competitors increases, Weebly has your back with new mobile insights that enable you to gain a competitive edge in the fast-growing eCommerce arena.

Say hello to the Weebly Mobile App 5.0, now giving entrepreneurs, creators, artists, and visionaries like you, the tools to launch, run, and grow your business whenever, wherever. Whether you're tracking your orders from your kitchen table or out finding new inspirations, you can manage your website on the go. If you already have a Weebly online store, the new mobile experience will be applied automatically.

“I get my inspiration to write in the strangest of places! I might be on a hike, at the beach, or sitting in a waiting room somewhere," says wellness entrepreneur and business mentor Hannah Horton. “The Weebly App means I can easily draft ideas or recipes for my next blog post."

The new Weebly App is free, and available for download on Apple and Android devices. You can download the Weebly App on the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

The Mobile 5.0 updates also make it easier to stay up to date on your website and use our new Insights tool to help you make great business decisions or execute changes to your site or store. The new app aligns with Weebly online store features, and includes three new Home, Insights and Websites tabs.

The Weebly App's support for Apple devices offers new ways for entrepreneurs and small business owners to manage their sites, market products and help customers, according to Cyndi Grasman, owner of Bad Pickle Tees. “I use the iPad to process transactions, stay on top of email and manage social media," she says. “With the Weebly App I can keep up with my site in real time so there aren't customer service gaps while traveling."

In addition to its many new features, the Mobile App 5.0 includes an updated look and feel that creates an entirely new user experience, and makes it easier than ever before to update and maintain your site or store.

  • The Weebly App's new Home Tab keeps you up to date and on track with timely alerts and inspiration. You can easily track the latest onsite stats and performance for your site. And if you're new to Weebly, the Home Tab helps you get started with your site and find helpful tips from the Inspiration Center.

  • The new Insights Tab enables entrepreneurs to make smarter business decisions. It includes the ability to track orders, identify top traffic sources, and discover which products are top sellers. All Weebly customers using the Starter plan and above can use the Insights Tab to see sales insights, including total sales, number of orders and average order value. Business and Performance Plan users can identify top products and categories as see traffic insights, including data on page views, unique visits, top pages, search terms and referring sites. Performance plan users can additionally see insights on the “Abandon Cart" funnel to learn more about missed sales.

  • The app's new Websites Tab enables you to edit and view all your sites – and to make changes based on those new data points and insights with an easy drag & drop builder. Simply select the site you want to edit under the Account Tab to make updates and changes. You can also use the Websites Tab to purchase domains.

Upgrade your Weebly App today to improve your website management around the clock. “I use it all day, every day, at least a half-dozen times a day, no matter where I am," says Weebly user Caesar Chu, creator of the Original Whiskey Ball. “It is actually the first thing I look at in the morning and the last thing I do before I sleep."

With the Weebly App's new Home Tab, Insights Tab, and Website Tab to help you track, understand and act on the latest site data, your experience can be just as seamless. Get started with your free Weebly App for iOS or Android devices today!