Have 5 minutes? Help Build the New Weebly Community.

Community has always played an important role in the Weebly world. Drawing inspiration and new ideas from the community helps with every new feature we build. Releases like Page Layouts and Membership came to life through community feedback and support. Community is a part of who we are.

It’s about time we gave that community a home.

We’re building a brand new community space where you can connect with other community members, find the best resources to help your site grow and give direct feedback on new Weebly features.

Excited? If you’d like to help us develop this new community, please fill out the short survey below. Your feedback and ideas are invaluable as we work to build the best community space possible. The survey takes less than 5 minutes, but will have a lasting effect on our community planning!

Survey is closed, we're reviewing your submissions now! Stay tuned!