New Support Area

We're growing really fast, and that's been very exciting for us: it means that more and more of you are finding Weebly useful to create websites where you weren't able to do so before. Our old support system, though, wasn't keeping up with the times, and Dan was having a bit of trouble getting back to everybody in a timely manner -- we were getting over 100 requests per day, which was becoming difficult to manage.

In order to manage your requests better, we've rolled out a new support system that contains much more help information, and when we don't already have an answer, will handle each request by assigning a ticket. You'll be able to visit the support area to view the help information and file a ticket, or email From that point, you can continue to reply by email or the support area, whichever you find more convenient, and we'll be able to keep track of your request more efficiently.

Since there's a lot more self help information available, we've already seen a drop in help requests. With the new system, we're also setting a goal of replying to support requests within 24-48 hours.

Thanks for helping us make Weebly better!