New Release: Major speed improvements

We've released quite a few features in the past couple months, so we decided to spend the last couple weeks completely focused on improving the speed and function of the editor.

After all this work, we're excited to finally be able to roll out the improvements we've made. Below is a graph that compares the release against the older version, in terms of load time and responsiveness of the editor.


Editor Load and Response Time

As you can tell, this is a huge improvement, and we're excited to be able to roll it out live tonight.

We've made quite a few other incremental changes, such as improved design for certain parts of the editor, as well as a significant number of bug fixes and other improvements.

We also had quietly pushed some changes over the last month, such as bulleted and numbered list support, a "Read more" break element that lets you control the length of your blog posts' previews, the ability to add image captions and edit the image's ALT tags, the ability to choose a blog post's "permalink", and that your blog will now recognize and highlight comments made by you when you are logged in.

Even better, there are a few exciting things coming up that we will be able to release soon, so stay tuned!

Thanks again for using Weebly -- we appreciate your support and come to work every day excited to continue making Weebly the fastest, simplest and most powerful way to create a website for you.