New Interface, Meta Tags, Speed Increase and Share this Draft

We've just rolled out some cool new features tonight and fixed a few bugs. As you can see from the picture to the left, we've put a brand new look on the Weebly editor, that fits with our recent redesign and makes things a bit cleaner and clearer.

Dan has been tracking feedback and ranking the top feature requests. One of the top features has been the support of Meta Tags, including Meta Description and Meta Keywords. This new release allows you to edit your Description and Keywords tags. It also allows you to specify code that will be included at the bottom of all of your pages -- a common use for this is to include code for statistics services (like Google Analytics). These can all be found in the "Settings" tab.

We also sped things up by about 6x, so things should go considerably faster now.

The last feature, "Share this Draft", is something I found myself wanting while writing blog posts. When you're writing a blog post and save it as a draft, a link will appear below the "Keywords" section. This is a secret link that will allow you to share your draft with others, by sending them the link. A common use for this would be to allow someone to proof-read your blog post for you, or to get their opinion. If you don't hand out the link to anyone, your draft will still be private.

As always, thanks for the feedback! We're listening closely to what you have to say, and working on the most important features to you, so be sure to let us know if you'd like to see a new feature in Weebly.

On another note, we're still working on some top secret stuff (this isn't it): expect some exciting things to come.