New & Improved Photo Gallery Released!

We're happy to announce an improved photo gallery element! Our newest addition to the Weebly team, Adam, has been hard at work the past few weeks to release the new gallery with the following improvements:

  • Next/previous buttons: After you click to view an image larger, hover over the photo to see next/previous links to easily load the next/previous photo in the gallery.
  • Border options: Choose between a few different border styles, or no border at all.
  • Squared images: If you have photos of different aspect ratios in the same gallery, things can look a little messy. The square images option displays all the photos square so they're always in a perfect grid.
  • No more white backgrounds: You may have noticed with the old photo gallery that a white background was automatically added to photos that did not have a 4:3 ratio. This problem has been fully fixed!

If you have an old gallery already on your site, republishing your site will add the next/previous feature; however, if you'd like to have the other features, just drag on a new photo gallery element and re-upload your photos.

We hope you enjoy the new features! Check out the sample galleries below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Sample photo gallery:


The same gallery with the squared option on: