New Features: Web Fonts & Social Media Buttons

We're excited to have just released 2 excellent features to Weebly that are now available to all users.

Web Fonts

We just introduced 60 new font choices! You were previously limited to 13 fonts because only about 13 fonts are natively supported by everyone's computers. Thanks to the broad support HTML5 now enjoys, we've upgraded Weebly to offer a whole new set of fonts!

To access the font choices, click on the "Design" tab, and then click on "Design Options".

Social Media Buttons for Your Blog

Our new social media buttons make it really easy for people to share your blog posts on Facebook & Twitter. You've probably seen these buttons all over the web, and now they're automatically integrated into the bottom of each of your blog posts.

Once someone shares your post on Facebook or Twitter, their friends see the update, and then your website gets even more readers and comments! However, if you don't like these new buttons, you can easily turn them off by un-checking the option under the "Manage Blog" area.

Want to see how it works? Just click one of the share buttons below!