New Features: Sub-pages, Video player, Embedded Documents, Foreign Currency Support

We've just released an awesome amount of features that we've been working on, including sub-pages, a video player, a flash element, embedded documents and foreign currency support!



This is quite possibly the most exciting feature of this release. When editing your site's pages under the "Pages" tab, you can now drag these pages left and right to group them under other pages.

This allows you to order your pages and create a page structure, so that you can create more pages and remain organized.


Once you've defined a structure, these pages will automatically be organized in a menu format -- hover over one page, and a menu drops down with its sub-pages.

There is no limit to the number of pages and sub-pages you can create, so you can have the freedom to unleash your creativity!


As part of this release, excess pages that would have previously caused the menu to overflow onto two lines will now be grouped into a "More" category.

If you don't want Weebly to do that, there is an option under the "Settings" tab to disable this new functionality.

New Pro Features

While we're constantly improving Weebly for everyone, we're also thinking about those of you that show us the ultimate form of support by purchasing a pro account. Two of the new features, the video player and embedded documents, are now part of Weebly Pro.

Video Player


The video element allows you to upload a video directly within Weebly, and display the video in a professional, unbranded player.

It's as simple as dragging on the video player and uploading a video. No need to visit any other sites and, best of all, your video will be displayed with a very professional presentation: no branding, and a simple, sleek UI.

Embedded Documents


The embedded documents element lets you upload a document, such as a Word, Excel or Powerpoint file, and have it be displayed in a window on your page. Instead of forcing your visitors to download the file to view it, they can now see its contents, right from your web page!

Other New Features


We've also released a few other new features, such as a Flash element, that lets you upload a Flash file and have it displayed on your page, as well as foreign currency support in all e-commerce elements, which lets you choose other currencies besides US Dollars when using PayPal.

We're always doing our best to make Weebly easy, fast and powerful, so you can have fun making your own website!

As always, we appreciate that you're using Weebly, and we're actively listening to what you want next: you can always vote on new features at our Weebly Slinkset page.

We're especially thankful to our Pro users and users who buy a domain: without you, we wouldn't be able to keep improving Weebly. Thanks!