New Ecommerce Features: Batch Editing and Structured Data for Products

The Weebly eCommerce platform keeps getting better with two brand new features released this week. The Batch Editing feature makes it easy to manage large numbers of products and orders in your Store dashboard, while structured data for products improves your product page SEO.

Both features are available for Starter, Pro and Business plans.

Batch Editing

Batch Editing provides robust store management tools for handling a busy eCommerce business.

The feature lets you make eCommerce changes at scale in the following areas:

  • Products: Copy, delete, add to category, show in storefront, hide from storefront
  • Orders: Print, cancel, mark as returned
  • Categories: Delete
  • Coupons: Delete

Batch Editing also provides some design updates that make it easier for you to see which products are available on your storefront and navigate through store listing pages quickly with pagination. There are also new order status filters (pending, refunded, shipped, returned, cancelled, sent and completed) that help you navigate through listed items.


You can access these new Batch Editing features from the Store tab, clicking on Products, Categories, Coupons or Orders from the sidebar and then selecting the items you want to modify. You can learn more about Batch Editing functionality here.

Structured Product Data

All published product pages now feature structured data markup for rich snippets. These snippets can show up in search results for your product pages. This can help drive more traffic to your store by improving click through rate (people are more likely to click on results with rich snippets) and structured data may be a ranking factor to help your product pages rank higher.

The current product fields covered include Name, Price (or sale price), Description (short description), SKU (if one is defined), and Image.

You can see an example of the Price rich snippet showing in search for Dharma Yoga Wheel Basic product page.


This feature is included automatically when you publish a product. All previously published products have been updated with this change. It’s important to remember that even though this data is now included on your product pages, Google doesn’t always display the entire set of fields as a rich snippet in search.

We hope you enjoy these new eCommerce features! Let us know what you think in the comments!