Get Inspired by Myka’s Lemonade Stand - Winner of the $5,000 Weebly Power Hour Grand Prize!

The Weebly Power Hour contest launched in June, proving that you don’t need a lot of extra time or even a laptop to build your own website. We were amazed by all the great sites you built in a single hour with Weebly for iPad and Android tablet apps. We were even more amazed by the stories behind those sites.

There was the poetry website built to help at risk teens in Memphis, a non-profit seeking reliable water sources in Mexico, the middle school student who built a site for his robotics club in Texas (submitted by his dad), and a walking tour site for the Susan B. Anthony House.

These sites and your stories all stood out, but the winning entry was Myka’s Lemonade Stand. Myka started the stand to help her parents raise money to adopt her little brother, 2 year old Levi, from South Korea. Myka’s mom built the website on her tablet to help get the word out about her daughter’s adoption fundraising project. Myka and her mom worked together to brainstorm the design ideas and website features that Myka wanted to help promote the stand.

Myka’s mom didn’t have a lot of website design experience, but she wanted to create a site that would allow Myka to help with the adoption process, something that Myka was very passionate about supporting. Plus, the $5,000 prize would go a long way toward the high costs of international adoption.

In fact, the family found out they won the contest while in South Korea meeting little Levi for the first time, and they expect to bring him home soon. Big congratulations to all our contestants and especially the winner Myka!