Membership Beta is Ready and We Need Your Feedback!

The membership creation and management experience you’ve been waiting for is finally ready for testing and feedback with today’s release of Membership Beta.





Try out the new membership features at using your normal login credentials. You need a Pro or Business plan to access the Membership Beta toolset and will need to publish your site at least once while logged into the Beta for everything to work properly.

Here are some of things you can do with our new Membership feature:

  • Create and invite individual members
  • Create and manage member groups
  • Control page visibility permissions for both individual members and groups
  • Customize invitation emails and direct invite links
  • Bulk add members via CSV
  • Search members and groups
  • Password reset for individual member accounts
  • Invite up to 20 members with a Pro account and unlimited members with a Business account.

We're always working to improve Weebly, and that means you can expect to see even more features around Membership.

Here are some things you can expect to do in future Membership updates:

  • Allow visitors to sign up and register to your site
  • Place a login/register button on your site
  • Provide membership as a paid option
  • Turn store customers into members and remember their order history

So have some fun exploring and experimenting with the membership experience and don’t forget to share your feedback. We can’t wait to see what you do with all these new tools!