Meet the New, Smarter Columns

We’re always looking for new ways to make your site-building life easier by making our tools smarter and more intuitive. With this goal in mind we recently made some big changes to column creation along with some element updates that give you better control over layout and spacing for your website, online store or blog.

You can now create columns automatically simply by dragging elements next to each other. The old column limit is gone along with the original columns element, making it even easier to drag and drop elements into sophisticated multi-column arrangements.

The new columns behavior also provides some interesting new layout options. You can copy and move columns with just a few clicks and adjust spacing between columns through the Spacing setting located on the column divider.


Dragging the column divider left or right lets you change column width. In order to help maintain a consistent page layout during resizing, columns automatically snap into alignment with other columns on the page. You can disable snapping by holding the shift key while dragging.


We heard from many of you that it could be really frustrating to drag on a paragraph, only to later realize that you wanted to add an image to it. So we've made some huge improvements to the way that you can add images into text, or remove them if necessary! We retired the Text+Image element so you can combine text and image elements together directly. Placing images within text is now as simple as dragging your image element into a text box. Text will wrap around the image automatically depending on the placement of the image element.

We’ve also added Spacer, a completely new element that allows you to create an empty column or blank space anywhere on a page. After placing the element you can adjust width and height to meet your requirements. Spacer adds an additional layer of control over design and page layout that should help you do even more with your content.


These big changes were made possible by your wonderful feedback. From an initial open beta and through multiple rounds of detailed evaluation, you have helped us bring the new improved columns to life, and for that we are truly grateful!

When we initially launched these features last week, the rollout wasn't as smooth as we would of liked. Some of you experienced bugs depending on your site configuration, but we've worked hard to resolve all known issues. If you continue to experience any problems, please let us know and we'll look into it ASAP.

We have many more updates and improvements planned this summer so stay tuned!