Looking Back on a Very Special Year

First of all, thank you for making 2014 nothing short of amazing. It was a year of evolution and expansion with dozens of new additions to Weebly inspired by your input and designed to give you an even more powerful way to bring your ideas to life.

It was also a year of tremendous growth, a celebration of the more than 25 million people around the world who have created a site with Weebly. Not to mention the over 200 million unique visitors that go to your sites each month. We’re impressed!

Let’s take a look at the highlights from 2014:

  • Weebly for iPad - By popular demand we brought drag & drop to the iPad with a re-imagined touchscreen experience that allowed full website creation on the tablet for the very first time.
  • Responsive Themes - The first responsive themes joined our theme library this year (followed by another responsive set with Superset and Venue) helping your sites look great on every device. We also introduced a ton of traditional themes (still with mobile optimization) including Aroma and Brisk, Purple Haze and Highlighter, Stripes and Big Slant, Haberdasher and Collection, and finally Journey and Clean Lines.
  • Membership - The much requested membership feature launched with essential tools for building robust membership programs on your website, blog and online store.
  • Blogging Updates - From external commenting systems to post scheduling and SEO-friendly URL structures, we made some big improvements to the blogging experience.
  • eCommerce 1.1 and 1.2 - These major eCommerce updates brought important new features to your storefront with additions like the Coupon Builder and Note to Seller, among many more.
  • Google Apps - Managing your website and email in one place became a reality with Google Apps for Business, which made it easy to get branded email at your domain and access the full suite of Google Apps features directly from Weebly.
  • New Columns - The column update provided more intuitive control over layout and spacing so you could construct elegant and sophisticated page layouts.
  • Background Image Editor - The new background image editor made it easy to add unique header and background images on each page.
  • We Believe - We created our first TV commercial to celebrate all the big ideas started right here on Weebly!

What was your favorite addition in 2014? What do you want see in 2015? Happy New Year from all of us here at Weebly... we think you’ll love what comes next!