Liven Up your Galleries with Thumbnail Captions

Adding high quality photos to your website is one of the keys to a beautiful and effective site. Using the Photo Gallery element, it's easy to display your photos in a well formatted grid with automatic linking to the larger version.

Today, we're happy to introduce a new feature to enhance the look and usability of your photo galleries -- captions on thumbnails! You can now choose to show captions either as full or partial overlays on the thumbnails and select if the overlays should show all the time or only on hover. Try it out below!

Photo gallery using a partial overlay




Photo gallery using a full overlay and shown only on hover

Monkey Snacks

Turtle Treats

Bees Knees

Note: This new feature is located in the "Captions" section of the Photo Gallery option box.

You may be wondering what else we've been up to at Weebly HQ. Well, quite a lot! Our team has been working heads down over the past few months and we're gearing up to launch an incredible set of features through the rest of the year. We can't say exactly what we have in store, but we promise it'll be worth the wait!