Keep Customers Engaged and Grow Traffic with New App Center Apps

Nothing helps keep visitors – and potential customers – on your website like engaging content. Good content should provide your visitors with function (helping complete a task or solve a problem) or with entertainment. The best content can do both.

The App Center has three new tools to help provide both function and entertainment for your visitors with interactive polls and easy-to-use scheduling features.



Pinpoll app integration allows you to incorporate fun and engaging polls into your website design. Polls give users a way to interact with your site and can boost page impressions as visitors spend more time engaging with your content and potentially sharing with others online. Each poll can be completely customized with colors and images used by your brand, and because the poll software is responsive, it looks great on any device.

When users complete a poll, Pinpoll tools help them stay on the site by showing related articles or content. Pinpoll collects important data so you know exactly how people voted and where those votes originated from with digital mapping. All of these analytics are available directly in your Dashboard.

Sheridan Student Architecture Club uses Pinpoll to engage with students and ask question related to their interests in the program. The background images add extra flair to the poll design, which is easy to answer and matches the rest of the site theme.

Best of all, the Pinpoll app is free!

Tockify Calendar


Whether visitors are booking appointments or looking for your business hours, Tockify Calendar has the functionality to handle all your time and date needs in a well-designed widget. Tockify works well with images and can be customized to match your overall site design.

Tockify also links up to social media sharing tools, with easy to install calls-to-action and the option to allow user submitted events. Tockify Calendar is completely responsive and installs right into your site Dashboard.

Trent River Designs uses the Tockify Calendar to showcase upcoming events. Each event includes a custom photo – in smart circular design with a large headline, time and date information, and a description. Users can also get directions, share the event or search for other options all in one place.

Give Tockify a try on your website today with easy App Center installation.



Schedulista makes it really easy for customers to get in touch with you. This user-friendly tool helps customers book appointment times and see available options right from their computer or mobile device. And because the app accepts appointments 24 hours a day, you don't have to worry about missing customers.

The tool includes some of the same great features as Tockify Calendar but takes it a step further with appointment scheduling tools and text notifications. Schedulista also integrates with Facebook and allows users to pay through the app. Your customers will appreciate how easy it is to schedule an appointment with Schedulista.

The Petsmith uses Schedulista for appointment booking on its business website. Pet grooming clients can see available appointments with different employees and reserve a time with just a few clicks. The calendar is intuitive for clients and easy to use on the backend, download a free trial from the App Center to test it out.

Thanks to these great add-ons, you can more easily engage with visitors and make the most of your website, blog or online store. Ease of use, Dashboard integration and plenty of entertaining features will help you increase your site's potential the moment these apps are installed.