Inventory Management 101: Tips for Small Business Owners

Never run out of popular items again! Using an inventory management system is the key to keeping your online store functioning and profitable. Keep track of what is selling, how much stock remains and know what and when to reorder.

And while managing inventory might seem like a major challenge, it's not as hard as you think with the right set of online tools from Weebly. (Did you know that all plans, Starter and above, actually have inventory management tools included?)

Here's how you do it.

1. Start with Simple Tracking

Inventory management is more than just know what products you sell and how many you have available. A powerful inventory management system helps you organize products so they are easy for you and your shoppers to find.

You can directly add inventory items or upload a spreadsheet in CSV format to add multiple items at once. Just log in to your Weebly Dashboard to get started.

Add categories to group similar products if you have a wide selection available. Use categories that make logical sense to users – think women's shoes, men's shoes and children's shoes.

Organizing products helps you on the back end as well. From the Weebly dashboard you can see and search products by name, category, SKU, product description and product type. Filter by status and you can see the number of in-stock items at a glance.

2. Connect Multiple Online Shops

Did you know you can connect your Weebly and Square stores into one inventory database?

Many online store owners actually sell on multiple platforms, and the inventory management tool allows you to connect the accounts. Just activate the sync feature and any time inventory changes in one location, it will update in both places so you never have to worry about order snafus.

You can also import products from Square to Weebly if that was your primary online store in the past. It's a one-step website, inventory management and payment gateway.

3. Boost Sales with Tracking Tools

Using an inventory management system can also help you boost sales.

Create a sense of urgency with shoppers by showing if an item is about to run out or is low in stock. According to a study by personalization company Qubit, stores that made a product scarce in some way had the highest conversions.

The Weebly inventory management tools lets you show how many items are available and even includes an icon to let customers know if an item is on sale or close to running out. These small elements can motivate customers to make a purchase.

4. Track Statuses and Shipments

From managing the number of products in stock to fulfilling orders, everything is easy to find and manage in one spot with Weebly.

Once a customer places an order, you can see all of the details of that order by clicking on Store, then Orders. From there you can see the status of each transaction and shipment.

When linked with your inventory management system, the database automatically changes the number of in-stock items as each order is placed. (No more counting products to see what you have left in stock! It will also add returned or cancelled items back to available stock.)

Weebly's inventory management system can handle your small business needs as they grow. From a handful to hundreds of products, you can track and manage inventory for your online store — all from one location.