Introducing Logos & More

We're happy to release a couple of our top requested features, and the first of many improvements to come for themes: you can now upload a logo in place of the text-based site title you have now.

Once uploaded, the logo can be edited with ImagePerfect to adjust its position, size, rotation, and to apply other effects. Even better, you can use ImagePerfect to add a fancy tagline from our selection of 60+ fonts.

To get started, hover your mouse over the site title area and you'll see the button to switch to a logo. Don't have a logo? Our friends at 99designs gave us links to provide $10 off a logo from their store or $20 off a logo contest.

Check out a few examples of the new logo feature in action:


Another change you'll notice is that your site title or logo links back to the homepage of your website. This was a top feature request and an important usability improvement -- most visitors expect it.

Improvements to photos

In addition to the above, we've made two slight tweaks to photos. Now, when you upload a photo, it will automatically size to the full width of the column it's placed in. In most situations, this is the size you want, but you're still free to resize the image however you'd like.

The second change to photos is with how they are linked to the larger version. You'll now see a "Link to full-sized image" button and, when enabled, the larger image will open in a lightbox when the smaller one is clicked on.


Featured Sites Blog

If you haven't yet had the chance, take a peek at our new Featured Sites Blog, which replaces our old Site of the Day. This is our dedicated place to showcase your incredible websites.

Our first post showed off a number of stunning photography websites. For the next post, we'll be featuring the sites best taking advantage of our new logo feature. Once you've added a logo to your site, submit it here for a chance to be featured next!

What's next?

As you know, we're working on a series of improvements to our theming engine to allow multiple page types, flexible footer areas, search, social media buttons, and much more. In today's release, we've added logo support and will continue to release these additional theming improvements as fast as possible.

Our San Francisco-based team has been burning the midnight oil, continuing to improve Weebly and make it better for you every day. But long days at work aren't bad -- we're excited and energized by the amazing sites you're building.

As always, we deeply appreciate your support and would love to hear your feedback!