4 Indispensable Email Marketing Tips

Building your audience is one thing, engaging and converting them into customers is another. Email marketing with Weebly Promote can help.
But what is email marketing? In its simplest form, it's sending an update or an offer to a list of people who've agreed to hear more from you. Content can vary from a newsletter to a coupon to a fundraising pitch to something else entirely. Email marketing can be highly effective, as these statistics show:

  • Over 70 percent of consumers prefer email when communicating with companies.
  • Every dollar spent on email marketing returns $43 in value.
  • Email is three times more effective than social media at promoting purchases.
  • Orders originating from email marketing are, on average, 17 percent larger than those originating from a social media post or ad.

4 Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing Muscle

Weebly Promote is uniquely designed to deliver a beautiful experience using many of the same templates and tools you're accustomed to seeing in the Weebly website builder. Want to add custom HTML? Activate the Embed Code element and type. Want to include a map that shows store locations? Activate the map element and pin your store. What you use to build your site in Weebly, you can use to customize emails in Weebly Promote.

Every campaign is also tightly integrated with your site and analytics are captured automatically. Emails are also resized and styled to render optimally on mobile devices, where most emails are opened anyway -- roughly 55 percent of emails, according to the latest figures.

Take what you can do with Weebly Promote to another level by combining it with these four tips for increasing the effectiveness of every campaign:

  • Use images. Use an enticing, aspirational photo to draw readers into your email. Activate the Add Image element to upload the photo to your email template and add a description. Then add more photos if you can, especially if your email is advertising products you intend to sell. Readers are more likely to connect with what they can see.
  • Segment your list. You'll begin collecting email addresses the moment you install a newsletter sign-up form on your site. Once you've got a list, it's time to segment it to account for interests and responses. Weebly Promote makes it easy with a feature called Smart Groups. You can target one email to those subscribed to your membership site and another to those who bought your eBook over the prior 24 hours. The more precise you get with your segmenting, the better your response rates and ultimately your income.
  • Add payment links. Sell directly from your email with Square Online Checkout. Create a pay link or custom buy button that you can embed. Your customers are taken to a simple checkout page, they do not need an account or special app to make a payment. They only need to enter their name, email, and payment info. Transactions are fast, secure, and friction-free.
  • Make every email count. Your email marketing should be distinct and reflect the voice of your business. But you don't need to be wasteful to be unique. Re-use your email pitches by sharing them to social media — something Weebly Promote makes easy to do. First, design a template. Name and save it, and Weebly Promote will give you a shareable link for posting where you please. Embedded options include posting to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, as shown in the photo below.


What do you think of these tips? What email marketing strategies have worked for you? Let us know in the comments.