How'd They Do That? Increase Your Sales with Product Recommendations

Did you know that product recommendations can increase online sales revenue by 10-30%? In the newest edition of "How'd They Do That?" we're going to look at how Shantique Designs uses the long description section to curate product recommendations for shoppers, and how you can make your own eCommerce experience more interactive.

To recap, here are the steps to add a “You Might Also Like..." product recommendation section to your store's product pages:

  1. After you've added a product to your store, click the option to View Product
  2. Drag the title element into the long description section below the product and type in "You Might Also Like..." or the recommendation message that works best for your store.
  3. Next, place product elements below the title and select the products from your catalog you think your visitors might like if they're thinking about purchasing the current product.
  4. Do this on every product page you want to surface personal product recommendations.

You can use this process to cross-sell effectively to your own visitors. Highlight items that are frequently purchased together, or curate unique outfits, collections, and gift combinations.

By leveraging the long description product section and dropping in just a few extra standard elements, Shantique Designs serves up a greater selection of products for their visitors, making their store more interactive, more personal and a much better eCommerce experience for visitors.

How do you showcase your online store's products to create a better buying experience for visitors? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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