Image Optimization Tips for Your Website, Blog or Online Store

A great image can help your website, blog or online store capture attention and keep visitors engaged. However, it takes more than just expert photography to create great images for your site. Follow these image optimization tips to ensure that your images impress.

Basic Image Editing

Every image needs a little work, some light cropping and touch-up is almost always required to craft the right visual impression.

The Fit Cook demonstrates some excellent image editing in one of the most difficult areas of all – food photography. From the site’s header to individual food closeups, each photo is focused and cropped to highlight the best culinary details.

After uploading an image to your site, you select Edit Image to make changes right from the Site Builder. You can adjust rotation, coloring, opacity, borders, cropping and much more, and see exactly how the changes translate on your page. You can even edit the header and background images for each page for even deeper customization.

Bonus Tip: Image file size is important and easily overlooked optimization feature. Unnecessarily large photos can damage page speed, especially on mobile. Before uploading a really large image file, give it a quick resize to dimensions closer to how it will display on your website.

Image Descriptions

Image descriptions can help provide valuable information to both visitors and search engines. You can easily add a caption to any photo you upload directly from the Editor. Make sure to create a concise description that provides background. The image location and names of the subjects are usually the best choices.

You can also add alt text to a photo by going to Advanced > Alt Text in the image editor. Alt text helps search engines and users who might be able to load the image understand context. This content should be concise, but different than the description text. Alt text should simply explain the important, visual elements of the image in basic, clear language.

Image Galleries

Image galleries can provide visitors with an engaging and interactive experience. A full page gallery on your homepage can capture visitor attention and highlight the unique offerings your website or store provides.

Galleries are easy to create a with the gallery element. You can upload an entire photo gallery with additional gallery-only editing features. Adjust captions, spacing and thumbnail sizes to make the experience really unique.

Social Optimization

Images play a huge role in social sharing, and social image optimization can help new visitors discover your website. To succeed in social, images should be interesting and easy to understand at small viewing sizes. This means simple, yet compelling imagery that can capture attention across social platforms.

Monterey Bay Beads creates highly-shareable product images. Each bracelet is featured against an interesting but simple background that helps put focus on the product. The site also encourages sharing with Pinterest buttons, making it even easier for the images to spread on social.