How'd They Do That? Move and Copy Elements

Elements are the foundation of your website. These fundamental building blocks allow you to create a compelling mix of text, videos and images that bring your website, blog or online store to life. We’ve made sure that your digital foundation is flexible and scalable by making it easy to copy and move elements across your entire site.

The website of Mr. Dunne's biology class, the subject of our latest installment of "How'd They Do That?" highlights this unique design feature.

Mr. Dunne's site includes several duplicated items found on multiple pages. Thanks to our simple move-and-copy process, it's easy to shift these elements from page to page. Here's how to do it:

  • Hover over an element until you see the blue control box appear around it.
  • Click on the arrow in the upper-left corner and select move or copy.
  • Position the element exactly where you want it by grabbing it at the center top and moving it into place.

Other convenient features include copying and moving an entire set of columns if you want to take action with more than one element or copying all or most of the elements on a page to an entirely new one.

Building a great website doesn't have to be backbreaking work. With move and copy features you can adjust your building blocks until you've created exactly what you want—and do it in a quick and efficient manner.

If you have a question or topic you'd like us to cover in future “How’d They Do That?” videos, let us know about it in the comments.