12 Food & Drink Weebly Website Examples that Will Have You Drooling

A bad website is a real a turn-off for potential customers. In fact, nearly 60% of consumers said they would be less likely to purchase something from a small business based on a bad impression of its website, according to a 2017 Vistaprint survey.

Luckily, beautiful, informative websites are easier to build than ever. Companies from all sectors — including fitness, fashion, home design, and even food and beverage — are turning to user-friendly tools like Weebly to build visually-stunning websites that make a lasting first impression.

Here are 12 tantalizing restaurant, food and drink websites from around the Weebly community that had us begging for seconds. Budding bakers, chefs, brewers and farmers take note!

1. Public Espresso + Coffee

What it's about: Small-batch roastery, cafe and espresso bar in Buffalo, New York


Why it's awesome: If that homepage feature image isn't already doing it for ya, this website's straight-forward informative approach — from the Menu to the Careers page — will have you wanting to get in touch.

2. Xocolatl

What it's about: Chocolate micro-factory in Atlanta, Georgia

Why it's awesome: It takes gumption to make it in the food and beverage industry, and the husband/wife team behind Xocolatl has it, as evidenced by the company's Press page and awards badges in the site's footer.

3. Pickert Family Farm

What it's about: Maple syrup producer in Upstate New York

Why it's awesome: Think about your syrup... and from where you hope it was sapped. You're probably thinking of a place that looks a lot like Pickert Family Farm. The website screams "family" and "community." With its embedded Instagram feed and family photos throughout, the website entices you to order some pure maple syrup from the Store page pronto!

4. Happy Little Human

What it's about: Healthy recipes and inspiring blog posts from Australian Registered Nurse Georgia Sibley


Why it's awesome: One way to make it right out of school is to build a brand while you're in school. That's what nursing student Georgia Sibley did, with her Happy Little Human blog, recipe collection, and even a $21.00 (AUD) nursing school-related e-book.

5. Sweet and Salty Podcast

What it's about: Podcast hosted by a baker and a chef.


Why it's awesome: This food-focused podcast website lays episodes out in an oh-so-appetizing way, with each episode accompanied by both the "Sweet" and "Salty" recipes featured. Recipes are sourced from credible sites such as The New York Times, Saveur, Bon Appetit, and even Sweet and Salty's own team. Great way to provide in-depth content to engaged listeners!

6. Pretzel Princess

What it's about: Chocolate-covered pretzel company in New York's Hudson Valley


Why it's awesome: These pretzels are scrumptious-looking enough, but we love that the Pretzel Princess team also has a Gluten Free tab in the navigation for those with that dietary restriction. What an unexpected and much appreciated move for a dough-based product.

7. White's Bakery

What it's about: Massachusetts-based bakery


Why it's awesome: The extensive Menu page enables would-be patrons to search offerings before coming in. The Specialty Cakes gallery and quotes page also make custom orders a breeze. (Heavens, those textured cakes!)

8. EVE Encinitas

What it's about: Vegan eatery in Encinitas, California


Why it's awesome: This site has soul. It embedded social media grid, made possible with the Widgetic app, promotes the eateries philosophies of health and wellness. The ability to purchase gift cards online provides an added source of revenue.

9. Bone Up Brewing Company

What it's about: Beer brewery in Everett, Massachusetts


Why it's awesome: This brewery rocks at branding. While many food and beverage companies get it in-store, Bone Up transfers that edge to its website, including nearly 100 unique icons for its beers, past and present. Each beer also has its own description page (see "Key Lime" as an example), highlighting style, alcoholic content, food/cheese/music/occasion pairings and brewer's notes. That's a well-rounded experience!

10. Katie's Coldpress

What it's about: California-based raw, organic, cold-pressed juice company


Why it's awesome: Health-conscious juice lovers will enjoy the level of detail owner Katie Raquel put into this website, with a Juicing Guide, Nutrition Facts and an extensive FAQ section.

11. Wild Chef Co.

What it's about: Montana-based healthy snacks company


Why it's awesome: Product photos can make or break a food-related website, and Wild Chef Co. gets it right. The eCommerce section, especially, is a feast for the eyes.

12. Wine Down SF

What it's about: Wine bar in downtown San Francisco.


Why it's awesome: This contemporary, rosé-all-day-feeling wine bar has all the expected trimmings on its website (menu, group events booking page, contact details), but it also surprised us with an online shop, where wine lovers can purchase wine-themed products. Quirky touch!

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