9 Furniture & Home Design Weebly Website Examples

All kinds of businesses — from fitness to fashion — are using Weebly to showcase their products and services. Furniture and home design companies are no exception. With bustling eCommerce shops, inspiring product photography and time-saving plug-ins, the following nine Weebly websites provide perfect blueprints for product, furniture and interior designers looking to kick off their own ventures.

Mod Mom Furniture

What it's about: This modern kids' furniture brand not only features designs from self-taught carpenter Kiersten Hathcock, but also boasts an appearance on ABC's hit TV show Shark Tank.


Why it's awesome: This website has a lot of character and makes a shopper feel like they truly know the company. From the blog to the videos section, the website screams "get to know us!" It also features celebrity testimonials from the likes of Christina Applegate and Matthew and Camila McConaughey, which add a big dose of credibility.

OHIO Design

What it's about: OHIO Designs is San Francisco-based modern furniture and interiors design company. And yes, there is a connection to Ohio: founder and owner David Pierce was born there.


Why it's awesome: This site is absolutely stunning . Its product photography is dream-worthy, including images in the Products and Projects sections. The About section (pictured above), too, even features behind-the-scenes for an added personal touch. The site features an easy "contact us" button on all pages, made possible with the Olark app.

Corbin Design & Fabrication

What it's about: Designer and woodworker Corbin Vreeland uses the Corbin Design & Fabrication namesake for his custom wood furniture and products work.


Why it's awesome: Because Vreeland creates one-of-a-kind pieces, his website doesn't feature a shop. Instead, the site highlights past pieces and his process to a degree that entices would-be customers to reach out.

Nature's Kindle

What it's about: Nature's Kindle is a candles, fragrances and home goods company based in Portland, Oregon.


Why it's awesome: While this website also stands out for product photography and a well-organized eCommerce shop, its most unique feature is its Workshops/Events page. Nearly every week, there is a DIY candle making workshop or pop-up event where Nature's Kindle can be found. We've seen events pages on brand sites, but none quite as booked up as this one. Kudos for community engagement!

Alibi Interiors

What it's about: California-based Alibi Interiors is a husband/wife-owned interior design company that designs home goods and offers services from custom woodwork to interior installations and wedding designs.


Why it's awesome: With the breadth of offerings it boasts, Alibi Interiors could easily have had a bogged-down website, but instead it's pulling it off. The homepage features a beautiful feature image of owners Chris and Paige Curtis in one of their designed rooms, and then guides users through new products, an introductory video and then sections on their custom woodwork, interior installations and wedding designs. The photography and page layouts are clean and consistent, all concluding in contact details for interested viewers.

The Whiskey Ball

What it's about: The Whiskey Ball is a company offering whiskey-specific ice cube products.


Why it's awesome: The website employs Intercom live chat app so visitors can quickly speak with a Whiskey Ball representative. Along with a floating "free shipping" banner at the top of all pages, the website also uses Intercom to promote additional sales, such as the "10% off" promotion shown above. Homepage visuals, including a how-to video and illustration, also educate potential buyers.

Bowen House

What it's about: Bowen House is an LA-based, mother-daughter design collaboration.


Why it's awesome: As if the furniture wasn't beautiful enough, the heart-warming mother-daughter story behind Bowen House anchors it all. Owners Paige and Diane Bowen do a wonderful job sharing their story on the About page, which leads readers to peruse the Gallery to see what this dynamic duo has created together.

Brickhouse Partners LTD

What it's about: We didn't realize patent art was a thing, but now we do, and Brickhouse Partners LTD specializes in printing and mounting patents into beautiful pieces.


Why it's awesome: If you haven't heard of patent art, give the site a look. The home page is organized by types of patents, such as Music, Transportation and Things In Your Home. The website offers hundreds of prints. The product pages ("Corkscrew" print pictured above) even feature background and matte color customizations. When a user clicks for a "blueprint" or "chalkboard" background, for example, the preview image changes. We often expect that functionality from big box retailers like Macy's, but it's exciting to see small businesses using these features.

Jason Brenner Woodworks

What it's about: Jason Brenner is a woodworker. His website features sculptures, furniture and bowls.


Why it's awesome: Brenner's site is clean, communicating exactly what is needed, and nothing more. The straight-forward navigation and even the minimalist social media links in the header area give this website an easy-to-navigate feel that any design company should look to replicate.

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