Google Apps Email on iPhone, iPad and Android Devices

While the recent Google Apps for Business integration has helped many of you promote your domain and manage your Weebly website with branded email in one easy location, we want to make sure you’re enjoying one of our favorite Google Apps email features: branded email on your mobile device.

We’ve created two new How’d They Do That Videos to take you through the basics for the most popular mobile operating systems; iOS directions for Google apps on your iPhone or iPad, and email setup for Android, which is used on a variety of other tablets and phones.

Don’t have Google Apps for Business yet? Give the free trial a spin and see if you like it!

Lets start with how to send and receive emails from your iPhone or iPad using iOS.

That wasn’t so bad. Now we learn how to enable your Gmail business email on Android devices.

We hope these videos help answer any mobile setup questions you have for Google Apps on iPhone, iPad and Android. We would love to hear how Google Apps for Business integration has helped you accomplish your branding and business goals.