Gift Guide Giveaway: Tuesday's Winners!

Our Tuesday gift guide winners have been selected: Debbie, Jennie, Juliette, Lucas, Josh, Christin, Peter, Sarah, Stan, and Edina are the lucky 10!

We've got 30 more gifts to deliver. Have you submitted your entry form and messaged us on either Facebook or Twitter? Hashtagging #weeblygift gives you an edge on the competition!


"I wish for the Travel Wallet by XOBruno because I have an immense passion for travel and enjoy well-designed products...The wallet by XOBruno not only looks great but appears highly functional."



"Bounce Battle looks like a winner! It's my gift of choice because playing games with family and friends is a great way to spend time together."



"The carpe diem tags would be the perfect reminder for me to strap up my laces and seize the day. There's a lot of day that needs seizing :)"