7 Inspiring Fitness & Wellness Weebly Website Examples

The world of wellness is all about inspiring and empowering others to be their best selves. A lot of that can start at with website. The message and visuals that gyms, studios, instructors and health products convey on their websites can make or break their businesses.

We took a look around the Weebly community and found seven health and fitness sites with inspiring designs and features. Explore how wellness professionals are reaching their communities with a professional website.

1. Yoga in Demun

What it's about: Yoga in Demun is a yoga studio based just outside St. Louis, Missouri.


Why it's awesome: Yoga in Demun's website rivals just about any high-end yoga site, with its interactive, embedded class schedule powered by MINDBODY and the coveted "new student special" every yogi looks for at a new studio. Even better, the site features an eCommerce store and studio pictures, which give prospective students a feel for the class environment.

2. Lean with Luke

What it's about: Lean with Luke, owned by British personal trainer Luke Teuma, is an online fitness coaching site. Through Lean with Luke, Teuma coaches subscribers through programs such as his 8-week training guide, Lean Body 8.

Why it's awesome: When choosing a fitness plan, one of the first questions one might ask is, "Does it work?" Lean with Luke's website does a great job of answering that question with not only his transformation (featured on the homepage) but also a full page of Transformations from customers. The "before and after" photos are also visible on his "Lean Body 8" program page, where visitors can purchase on-site. If that isn't enough proof, multiple pages also feature an "As Featured In" section which showcases publications which have covered his work.

3. SUP Wheels

What it's about: SUP Wheels is a carrier for standup paddle boards and surfboards.


Why it's awesome: SUP Wheels is a product with international distribution, and its website certainly demonstrates that. Its [Dealer Locator](Dealer Locator) tab makes it easy for potential buyers to find shops in the North America, Australia, Europe and Asia. Or, if in-person isn't really a big factor, customers can easily buy online through the company's Shop tab. With ample reviews and a thorough FAQ section, this website leaves little to be desired when it comes to product information.

4. Dharma Yoga Wheel

What it's about: Dharma Yoga Wheel is a yoga exercise product designed to "help stretch and release tension and muscular tightness."


Why it's awesome: Every website should have a clear call-to-action. After all, businesses need to keep the lights on. For eCommerce-driven companies, that's impossible if everyone bounces off the website. Dharma Yoga Wheel's website has a very clear call-to-action upon entry: Sign up for its email newsletter! Smart digital marketers know how to use email marketing to increase sales. Beyond that, the site also features upcoming teacher trainings, where yoga instructors can come to learn how to use the wheel in class — education is key for this new approach to yoga. The eCommerce store is well organized, and if that doesn't sell you, the site uses the Beeketing Sales Pop app to show real-time notifications of recent purchases by other users!

5. Fitness Inspired

What it's about: Fitness Inspired is a fitness boot camp company based out of State College, Pennsylvania, home of Penn State University.


Why it's awesome: Fitness Inspired gets a lot of things right on its website, but the biggest is community. From its success stories and inspirational blog to its monthly charitable cause workouts, this program knows how to amp up a following. The site also features a login for current clients, which had us wondering what's behind that wall!

6.Tune Up Health

*What it's about: *Home of accredited sports dietician Michelle Bruce, Tune Up Health is the marketing site for Bruce's services, including nutrition counseling, dieting workshops and personal training.


Why it's awesome: Bruce's website is splendidly simple, in that it conveys the important information about her Services and then gets out of the way. Having a website not only enables her to be discoverable online, but also assists with word of mouth from other clients: A website gives happy clients somewhere to point others.

7.Wild Chef Co.

What it's about: Wild Chef Co. is a Montana-based healthy snacks company.


Why it's awesome: If there's one thing a health food company should do, it's to get its product shots right. And Wild Chef Co. hits this one out of the park. Throughout its website, product shots and branding are clean, consistent and oh-so-tantalizing. This reviewer couldn't get through the site without drooling on her keyboard. The photos are integrated well throughout, specifically in the eCommerce section, which had me wanting to click the Facebook Messenger "Chat" button to tell the team real-time how delicious the snacks look!

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