File Upload, New Linker, Custom HTML, and a new upgrade process

We’re releasing a pack of new features this Monday, including the ability to upload files, a completely rehauled linker, the ability to add custom HTML tags to your page, and a new process for upgrading, among multiple other bug fixes and tweaks.

File Upload. You can now upload files to your Weebly page, and they’ll automatically be linked for you. Weebly will create a well formatted download area with the file’s name, size, and extension, and will display a different file icon depending on the file’s type.

Weebly recognizes over 150 types of files, and will display over 40 unique icons. Additionally, Weebly automatically virus checks all uploaded files.

New Linker. You can now create multiple different kinds of links within the Linker, accessible from the text editor.

You can link to any of your Weebly pages automatically — without typing in a URL — and Weebly will make sure that those links don’t break, no matter how many times you might rename your page. You can also link to any website or email address, as well as to any uploaded file. Weebly manages your files and does “garbage collection” for you, so you won’t run into a broken link, but you also won’t have any unnecessary files.

Custom HTML. You can now copy and paste chunks of HTML on to your page. Our goal is that we have every element you’d want to drag on your page, that you can completely configure without editing any code. But, since you might want to add something to your page we don’t support yet, you can copy and paste the HTML snippet into a Custom HTML element. The code will be hidden away, and you’ll be able to manipulate it just like any other element. And last, we automatically “quarantine” your HTML snippet in an iframe, so that it can remain independent from your page without the risk of damaging your theme.

New Upgrade Path. Finally, we’ve just put in a new feature that will prevent caching of changed files, and automatically upgrade your client, while you’re using it, to the newest version. This will happen seamlessly, while you’re using the software, and none of your changes will be lost.

Aside from these major feature upgrades, we’ve also released many smaller tweaks and bug fixes. As always, we appreciate any bug reports or other feedback. Stay tuned later this week for another release, and two large feature to be released next week.