Faster Editing, New Features, and More Themes!

Weebly just got faster!

For the last couple weeks we've been putting the polish on our text editor to give you a smoother experience. Before, editing text could sometimes be a bit buggy. If you pasted text from Microsoft Word, the formatting would sometimes be different than the rest of your site, and removing a link could be difficult.

We heard your feedback and just released the following updates

  • Single click, smooth editing. Entering and exiting text edit mode is now seamless.
  • Click on a link to see where it's pointing, and remove the link with one click.


  • Text pasted from Word is automatically matched to your theme's defaults.
  • A remove formatting option for when you want to remove font size & color settings.


  • When creating a link to a file, you see an option to upload a new file.
    (before you could only select from the files you uploaded using the file element)
  • Hide your site from search engines using the option under the "Settings" tab.

And finally, we also released 6 new themes we hope you'll enjoy







Stay tuned to the blog next week -- we have a few awesome features we're getting ready to release!

And as always, we appreciate your feedback and are working as hard as we can to make Weebly better for you every day. You can view our most-requested features and vote on your own requests at our feature request page.

Thanks again for using Weebly!