Exciting New Features & New Plans!

Today is an exciting day. For the past few months, we’ve been hard at work building an amazing set of features to make your sites more powerful, more professional, and more effective than ever before. Now, we get to show you what we’ve been working on!

This release includes both an awesome set of improvements to the Pro package as well as great updates for free users. In January, we’ll also be making some changes to our plans and pricing so be sure to read below for details.

New Features

HD Video (Pro)

We’ve enhanced our video element to encode in true HD quality for stunning clarity. We’ve also increased the limit from 100MB to 1GB, allowing up to 30+ minutes of HD quality video. Videos play in HTML5 and are fully compatible for playback on mobile devices and iPads. Check out the player in action as we show you all the exciting features we’re launching today.

Site Search (Pro)

Site search helps your visitors quickly find the information they need. The results display beautifully right within the theme of your site.

You can enable the search box in your website header or drag & drop a search box directly into your site. Whenever a change is made to your content, these changes are immediately indexed into the search results.


Header Slideshows (Pro)

Add a slideshow to your header to showcase what’s important to your visitors in an interactive and professional way. Our new header slideshow editor is incredibly intuitive, supporting a variety of impressive transition effects as well as captions and linking on each slide.

Want to see the header slideshow in action? Check out the top of this page!


Custom Footers (Pro)

To date, your footer only supported a single line of text, but with our new custom footer feature, it becomes a drag & drop region allowing for a huge range of possibilities. You can create a minimalist footer with a simple copyright message or build a more advanced footer with links to important pages, social media icons, your company’s logo, or a contact form.


Social Icons Element (Free & Pro)

Our new Social Icons element can be placed into the content and footer areas of your site, complementing the social icons already visible in your header. And we’ve tripled the selection of social icons available, adding popular services like Pinterest, Google+, Flickr, and email.

Embedded Documents (Now a Free Feature!)

The Embedded Document element has always been a feature of Pro, but today we’ve made it available to everyone! Use it to display documents directly in your website, such as a resume or menu.

Upload Larger Files

We’re happy to now support larger file uploads. The file size limit for Free users has been increased from 5MB to 10MB and the limit for Pro users has been increased from 100MB to 250MB!

We’re super excited to get all these features into your hands. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading to Pro, there’s never been a better time than now!

Upgrade To Pro

Paid plan changes coming on January 7th

We wanted to give you a heads up on some changes we will be making to our plans and pricing early next year to support the new Pro features added today.

Most importantly, current Pro customers will not be affected. Your service will be grandfathered, and all Pro features -- including the new ones announced today -- will remain at the current price, including future renewals. You’ve supported us since the early days, and we greatly appreciate that. Thank you!

Our goal is to give you the best way to create a high-quality and effective site that you’re proud of. The plan changes in January reflect the increased power (and additional cost) of all features just released, and will ensure that we can continue to make Weebly even more powerful than it is today.

Here are the details of what’s coming:

New Plans
We are adding a new entry-level plan, Starter, priced similar to our current Pro plan (around $4/month). Starter will contain a subset of the current Pro features, and the price of the Pro plan will be ~$8/month. If you are a current Pro customer, your price will remain unchanged.

10 Sites for All Accounts
Today, free users are limited to 2 sites. Going forward, all accounts will be able to build 10 sites. The site limit for free users (including existing free users) will be increased from 2 sites to 10.

Starter/Pro per Site
Starter and Pro will be offered on a per site basis instead of per account. All users that are upgraded to Pro before January 7th will maintain 10 Pro sites per account.

Free Users: Upgrade now before January 7th
Free account users who upgrade before January 7th will lock in the full set of Pro features at the current price, including 10 Pro sites per account. If you’ve been thinking about upgrading to Pro, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this window.

Upgrade to Pro

If you have specific questions about your account that we haven’t addressed here, email us at support@weebly.com.

And last but not least, we’d like to wish everyone a very happy holidays! We're thrilled to close out 2012 with such a big update and even more excited about what we have in store for 2013!