Exciting Developments

I have a number of exciting things to write about today but before I get started, I’d first like to introduce myself. My name is Dan Veltri, finance major with a love for technology and co-founder of Weebly. In my mind, the primary goal of Weebly is to make web creation easy for everyone. While Weebly is simple, it’s not just for beginners. It empowers everyone to create a cool, clean, content driven website in literally just a few minutes. You really can’t find that anywhere else. So instead of worrying about the code, you worry about the content. Our hope is that Weebly improves the internet by adding the knowledge from people who before, either didn’t know how or didn’t have the time to make a website.

So, with my brief introduction and vision out of the way, let’s get on with the news. Since the last post, we’ve opened up our doors to the first round of beta testers and subsequently identified a number of new bugs. David’s squashed a ton of them, but of course more remain. The interface is working better everyday and I’d say we are 90% there for a public beta. Elements are being added often, making user’s websites more and more flexible. Next up are Google Maps integration, videos, and flickr feeds. Adding a more diverse set of themes is also a priority. Look for these changes over the next few days/weeks. If you don’t have an account yet, we’d definitely like to hear your thoughts. Just send an invite request to invite@weebly.com

And last but not least… Weebly has entered the meetup.com competition for the July NY Tech Meetup. This is an event where “6 people get 5 minutes each to wow the NY tech community.” With at least 200 people in the crowd, it would be an excellent opportunity for feedback and exposure. The good news is that Weebly currently stands in 2nd place of the 15 presentation contestants! If you’d like to check out our current ranking go here.

All the best,