Enjoy Better SEO with the New Blogging URL Structure

We’ve made some big changes to the blogging URL structure that will improve your blog’s SEO and UX. All blog post URLs now follow this format: sitename/blog-name/post-name.

Old: http://www.thewhiskeyball.com/1/post/2014/04/the-smoke-slinger.html
New: http://www.thewhiskeyball.com/blog/the-smoke-slinger

This change improves your blog SEO by creating a simplified, semantic URL structure with greater keyword emphasis than previous URL formats. The new architecture also provides additional SEO control because your blog name now features prominently in the URL hierarchy.
In addition to better SEO, this update provides some strong user experience benefits. The new URLs are shorter and more intuitive, making them easier to share, remember and bookmark, and they also just look better in your browser’s address bar.


Old post URLs automatically update to the new structure with an SEO-friendly redirect. Moving forward, if you change the name of your blog, the previous URLs will also update and automatically redirect, preserving your SEO and any linking or social sharing from previous blog visitors.

We believe you should be able to make, sell and say whatever you want online with a strong technology platform behind you and this blogging update should help you further along that path. Please let us know how this change has affected your blogging experience, we’re brainstorming the next round of blog improvements and always appreciate your feedback.