Send an Animated Email Gif and Use Instagram for Email Marketing

It’s hard to find good images and content for your emails. Competing with big brands that have dedicated photography and styling teams can make it even harder. We just released three new features for Weebly Promote that will help you find your own great imagery and compete with the very best. With these features you can send animated email GIFs from Giphy, share Instagram photos directly from email and use high-quality stock photos from Unsplash.

1. Instagram Element


The Promote Instagram Element lets you pull Instagram photos into your emails and autolink them to your Instagram page. If you already create content on Instagram this will save you time and makes it easy to generate awesome email imagery (check out the grid on bottom of this email).

Once you connect to your Instagram account, you can search by hashtag and most recent or most popular photos. We automatically link all of the images back to their instagram page, which helps you gain followers from email.

You can find the Instagram Element in the sidebar when building an email in Promote.

2. Unsplash

The majority of stock images available on major photo sites are expensive and cheesy. We integrated with Unsplash to provide you with access to a better library of stock images. Now, you can search through thousands of beautiful free photos to use in your emails, no attribution required.

To access Unsplash photos, select the Free Photos option when you use the Image Element in Promote.

3. Giphy


GIFs can add much needed life to your emails and drive some awesome business results. In fact, emails featuring an animated GIF pulled in 12% more revenue than their non-animated version. The new Giphy integration lets you search a library of GIFs and add them into your emails.

To add GIFs to email, use the Image Element and select Animations to pull up the Giphy interface.

Hope you enjoy these latest updates to Weebly Promote. Share your thoughts on the new integrations with us in the comments!