5 Email Design Tips for the Perfect Email Every Time

You have great content and a great email marketing list, all that's left is designing the actual email. So how can you create a beautifully designed email that people will want to click? It starts with a responsive email template that will render beautifully on any device, and the help of a few simple email design tips.

1. Start with Great Images


An effective email uses powerful imagery. It can be a stellar photo, illustration or iconography, but the image has to be sharp and compelling.

It's likely that you've been collecting high resolution images to represent your brand online. Use those same images for email communication. To make the most of your collection, stick to one big image per email. Your email should have a single goal; use an image that will help users complete that action.

Try it: Since our email marketing tool Weebly Promote connects with your Weebly account, it's easy to use photos you've already uploaded to your website. Make sure to insert your brand logo (if applicable) in the email header.

2. Stack Content Elements


Cards are one of the trendiest elements in website design because they are simple to use and help structure content. The same is true for email design.

Design each email element inside a box – the outline can be visible to users or not. Each box can include an image or text and a button. Cards are always a strong option if you have a lot of information to display.

A card-based design can also help you manage how an email will look on different devices within a responsive email template.

Try it: The blogging templates inside Weebly Promote are made just for card-style layouts. Try one and group content for maximum impact.

3. Eliminate Text


This might be tough, but you need to eliminate as much text as possible. People don't have a lot of time to spend with your email, so every word must count.

Start with a simple and direct headline, follow it up with a concise bit of information and finish with a call to action. That's it. Don't get caught trying to include every detail. (Information such as your company name, social media, etc. can go in the footer.)

Try it: Learn to edit yourself. Start by looking at other marketing emails for inspiration. Use those ideas as guidelines as you are creating content.

4. Use Bold Color


How often do you receive an email filled with browns and neutral colors? It usually doesn't happen (and when it does, it's not memorable.)

Opt for bold, bright color choices – even for text – to draw users into your email design. Fully saturated, primary color choices will have the most impact and attract attention.

Try it: Weebly Promote has color palette options built right into the dashboard as a starting point (and every one is a bright, bold shade. You can't go wrong there).

5. Avoid Tricks


Finally, when it comes to marketing emails avoid using any tricks such as colored backgrounds or animation. While common in website design, these elements often won't work in emails. (Did you know that Microsoft's Outlook, for example, won't render colored backgrounds from third-party email?)

Simplicity is key with email design. Keep your goals in mind when creating your email program. What are you trying to get users to do? Every design element should lead users to that action and not distract from it.

Try it: Save your cool tricks for the website and focus on a great call to action.


Ready to hit send? Start with a template and you'll be ready to send a marketing email in minutes. (Plus, Weebly Promote automatically creates the email in a responsive format, so that's one less thing you have to worry about!)