5 eCommerce Website Design Tips to Attract More Customers

Everything from basic product images to well-placed CTA buttons can influence a visitor’s decision to make a purchase from your website. Here are a few eCommerce website design tips to help your online store attract and keep customers.

Promote Great Images


A well-composed product image is great for attracting potential customers and not only drives sales but also promotes social sharing. Invest in high-quality product photography and let your audience see the best of what you have to offer.
Once you have some great images, think outside traditional website layouts based on static product catalogs. Instead, feature some of your marquee products using interactive photo galleries or sliders.

Alibi Interiors uses a homepage photo gallery to highlight key products in a visually appealing way. The store link in the main navigation allows visitors to browse products by category and view a wider selection of product shots with direct purchases only a click away.

Get started: Build your own photo gallery with the gallery element, with a full set of design options for spacing, columns and more.

Your eCommerce website design should nurture visitors along the path to purchase. You can use clear and attractive linking strategies to encourage this conversion behavior. Include clickable images, text and buttons throughout your website. Provide plenty of opportunities for visitors to navigate to the shopping cart or product pages from anywhere on your site.

Get Started: Creating different types of links is straightforward from both the text and image editors. You can apply more advanced linking techniques to your website by using the embed code element to create anchor links. The shopping cart is automatically added to your site navigation when building a store (you can always remove the cart by selecting “Buy Now” from the “Store Mode” dropdown located in Store > Settings).

Make Shopping Easy

It’s important to remember that the best eCommerce websites work hard to make it simple for visitors to complete a purchase with a frictionless checkout experience.

When building and managing your site, consider these design options:

  • Multiple “Add to Cart" buttons or options for each item.
  • Cart hover states when an item is added with a subtotal and quick checkout button.
  • Links to the cart in the navigation from every page.
  • Bright colors and clear CTAs for adding items to the cart for checkout.

Fiesta Five hits each of the major design strategies list above. Products are listed on the homepage with an add to cart feature while the hover state drops from the main navigation when added to the shopping cart. CTA buttons are plain and easy to see with an eye catching bright color palette.

Get Started: The Add Product Page allows you to customize how products are displayed for visitors. Try experimenting with images, descriptions and advanced strategies like product recommendations. Cart hover state is enabled automatically when your cart is in the main navigation.

Focus on Navigation


Successful eCommerce websites feature a cohesive navigation plan. A customer’s path on your website can move in a variety of directions, and the navigation should serve as a guide at any point to help them find what they want in the best way possible.

Keep navigation choices to under six of your most important pages and use subpages to order an eCommerce website with more than five pages.

Nest Designs uses a simple and clean navigation bar that appears on every page of the website. Customers can jump from item pages to the gallery—making it easy to see each item (with an adorable baby model!) on the path to purchase. Navigation options are straightforward and additional options are listed in the footer to help limit confusion.

Get Started: You can customize footer navigation with a Starter, Pro or Business plan. Subpages are easy to manage at any plan level from the Pages dashboard. You can reorder, rename or even hide both pages and subpages to create an optimized navigation. You can also link any image in a gallery to a specific page with the gallery element.

Think Clean and Organized


Think of visiting an organized eCommerce website like walking into a high-end retail store. If the store is clean and organized, customers will feel a positive connection to the brand. A chaotic design can intimidate and dissuade customers from spending time in your store or interacting with your website, which means they won’t be buying anything either.

Girls Best Friends uses a distinct storefront grid system and plenty of negative space throughout the website. The space and grid create a visual flow that is comfortable and engaging.

Get Started: Flat and minimal design styles are both on trend and very effective. Focus on design techniques such as space, grids and simple typography to highlight your product and brand for visitors. Storefront customization tools make it easy to use space and grids on your site and make the most of these strategies.