eCommerce Update

Yesterday we launched Weebly eCommerce. Read more about all of the new features here and compare our new plans here. We've also followed up with a post to answer all your top questions here.

When we launched the new Weebly eCommerce yesterday, we spent a lot of time refining the platform and adding functionality, and too little time thinking of the new plan structure and limits.

We made some dumb changes that affected some of our existing customers negatively. We're sorry, and we're fixing that today.

I spent all of my time yesterday and today listening to your feedback and responding to your comments and emails, as did our entire team. As a company, we place an incredibly high value on your thoughts and feedback, and we're working day and night to constantly improve Weebly for you and make it better every day.

We want you to have access to awesome new features without any changes to what you're used to, so we're making the following changes to make sure that we live up to that goal:

  1. Anybody who has a product element on their site is now grandfathered to unlimited products (previously, only people who had more than five products were grandfathered).
  2. For all new users, we're upping the product limits to 10 for Starter, and 25 for Pro (previously 5 for both).
  3. Maybe you were intending to start selling, and just hadn't gotten around to it yet. Or maybe you have a friend you told about it. For any reason whatsoever, if you'd like to be grandfathered into an unlimited number of products and aren't, email us within the next two weeks at and we'll grandfather your account, no questions asked.
  4. We also heard from a few of you that a 250MB limit for digital goods isn't large enough, so we've increased the limit to 3GB per file. You can now sell large software or videos files on the new platform.
  5. The new mini-shopping cart is an incredibly cool new feature available to everyone, but we inadvertently turned it on for many of you when you didn't expect it. We fixed this bug. As always, you can disable shopping cart functionality by changing your store to a "Buy Now" type under Store > Settings > General.
  6. A small number of sites were affected by some changes to their product elements, even in legacy mode, which will keep everything looking the same. We've addressed the majority of these issues and are working on addressing the remaining ones within the next couple days. If you want to enable legacy mode, head to Store > Settings > Display.

With these changes, we're keeping everything the same for you, and offering you many new eCommerce features for free, including a new integrated shopping cart, order tracking and history, amazing new product search (for Pro users), mobile store and checkout, and new iPhone and Android apps to help you manage and build your store from your phone.

We also weren't perfectly clear on what happens to our grandfathered Pro users who upgrade to the Business package. The Business package is a per-site upgrade for all users because of our cost structure (including a free SSL certificate for your domain and the payment platform). If we allowed one Business upgrade for 10 sites, we'd be out of business in short order.

That being said, we put a significant amount of effort into making sure that, if you have a grandfathered Pro account, it will continue to work as it did before. If you upgrade one of your sites to the Business plan, your grandfathered Pro plan will still exist and apply to all of your remaining sites, and nothing will change. If you upgrade and don't like it you can cancel and everything will return to the way it was.

We appreciate your loyalty and love hearing your candid and honest feedback, so please keep it coming. We have many exciting updates planned for the next few weeks, and can't wait to show them to you!

In gratitude,

David Rusenko
CEO, Weebly