2 Ways to Use Customer Feedback for Business Growth

Business buzzwords that use 'growth' — growth marketing, growth mindset, growth hacking, etc. — may seem pretty abstract. But when you strip away the jargon, growth concepts all aim for the same thing: to continually test and learn in order to make positive changes that attract more engaged customers.

Even the most successful CEOs didn't just fall into a perfect product-market fit — they course-corrected until they got it right. Savvy business owners can immediately reap the rewards of growth by being open to listening, learning, and making incremental changes to improve their customer experience.

Here are two ways to use your business website or online store to gather valuable feedback for the purpose of business growth.

Gain insights from customer reviews

Customer reviews influence purchase decisions, but they can also collect valuable information about your products that you can use to inform smart, strategic changes.

For example, if you sell apparel and customers are complaining that a style of shirt doesn't fit true-to-size, instead of tossing your inventory and eating the costs, consider a few simple fixes to address what you've heard and improve the experience. You could add a size chart to the shirt's product page, or include a note in the product description that the specific style runs small.

Simple changes that improve the customer experience can generate more positive reviews to ultimately increase sales.

How to do it: You can use Weebly to automatically request product reviews from customers who've made a purchase. Just go to your review dashboard from Store > Products > Reviews. Choose enable, then select timeframe, then choose customize email. The feature is available for the Business Plan and above.

Add a contact form or poll to your website

Contact forms and polls are a great way to request direct feedback from your customers.

Going back to our apparel example, let's say you recently launched a new style of shirt and want to ensure this one fits as promised. Sending a poll to customers who purchased that style allows you to collect highly relevant data on their satisfaction with the fit, or other aspects of the product, that will provide an accurate picture of how customers feel about their purchase (and help you make improvements if needed).

Another option is to include a comments section in your contact form to collect direct feedback from your customers on an ongoing basis.

How to do it: On Weebly, drag and drop the Contact Form element to your page, then click on the element to edit. You can also view any entries right from the form editor by clicking the "View Entries" button.

Taking time to engage with customer reviews and feedback ultimately increases customer satisfaction. That you're also using the results to make incremental improvements to the customer experience will give your business the nudges it needs to grow.

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