Use Weebly Promote to Create a Must-Read Newsletter

Email marketing works. On average, every $1 spent on email marketing returns $38 dollars in revenue.

Sound crazy? Even if you go with a broader definition of "return on investment," email marketing's ROI of 122% is four times more effective than social media marketing.

Does that mean every email you send should include an offer? Not necessarily. A better strategy is to create an email newsletter that includes a wide variety of content. That way, readers have options when choosing whether to engage with your brand — which is important when every reader is different, and not every reader will be a customer.

But every reader can become a customer if you engage them properly and with a good mix of content designed and delivered intuitively. Weebly Promote can help.

Here are five ways to create an engaging newsletter using Weebly Promote:

1. Start with a template. Choose Weeebly Promote's newsletter template to get started and drag and drop elements to add features, just as you would build your Weebly site. Add text blocks, images, links, coupons and more.

2. Synchronize the look and feel of your email newsletter. Reading your newsletter should be like reading a blog post on your Weebly site. That's easier to do than you might think. Just drag the Navigation element to your email template and choose which pages you'll display and in which order.

3. Preview designs for best results. Remember: the first reader of your newsletter will always be you. Preview your design in desktop, mobile or text-only views and grade your work. Would you click? What's missing? There's no limit to what you can test with Promote; make sure you've got something click-worthy before hitting "send."

4. Try different styles and save what works. Weebly Promote includes statistics for tracking opens, clicks, and failed deliveries instantly. Use this to your benefit by creating multiple newsletter designs and then segmenting your subscriber list. Track which custom templates work best and then save them for future mailings.

5. Keep it short. When it comes to creating a good newsletter, a good rule is to write a good introduction and include links for readers you've hooked to read more at your Weebly site. In that sense, think of your newsletter as a gateway rather than as a destination.

Email marketing is the most compelling investment you can make for generating leads as a digital business owner. A newsletter chocked full of useful information can take your efforts even further, but only if you put in the right effort. Start with a template, synchronize the look and feel with your website, preview designs, save what works and keep your copy tight and to the point.

Read to get started? Try Weebly Promote today.