Coupon Maker: Close the Sale with Coupon Codes

Everyone loves a deal. Moms. Dads. People from across the entire income spectrum. Even tech-savvy millennials love a deal, and they're hardly the first group that comes to mind when you imagine people cutting coupons out of a newspaper. With the increasing dominance of online shopping, it's much easier and cooler to find bargains without spending an entire Sunday afternoon hunched over a pile of advertising circulars.

So how do you target these bargain hunters. There are a number of ways you can provide deals on your own site:

  • Via a sale.
  • By having consistently low prices.
  • By providing coupons.

The title of this article makes it no secret which of these we're discussing, and we're doing so for good reason: according to February 2016 research from RetailMeNot, 64% of shoppers seek out coupons before making a purchase. This is by far the most popular way to find deals, with only 33% (the next largest segment) searching for regular old sales.

Around 60% of potential customers see shopping as a competition, saying that getting a better price than other people makes them feel like they're winning. You could be missing out on lots of business by not at least occasionally catering to these folks.

How can you make your own coupons?

Making Coupons

If you've built your store with Weebly, you'll find tools that allow you to make three different types of coupons:

  1. A coupon that subtracts a certain percentage off the total cost of an order.
  2. A coupon that subtracts a certain dollar amount off the total cost of an order.
  3. A coupon that provides free shipping.

Additionally, you can set limits on these coupons so they work only in certain situations. Want to provide $50 off all orders, but only if the total cost comes out to $200 or more? You can do that.


25% off any items from your menswear section? Absolutely.


Free shipping on orders over $75? Yep.


You can also create as many coupons as you like, and set a date range for when they both start and stop working.


Check out Weebly's video and guide for more information on how to make coupons of your own.

Once you've created a coupon, potential customers need to be made aware it exists before they can use it.

Get Your Coupons in Front of Shoppers

There are several ways you might do this:

Via Email

The entire purpose of email marketing is to drive customers back to your site. Providing coupons is a great way to increase the effectiveness of your emails. Promising exclusive coupon codes encourages site visitors who are not already part of your mailing list to join. Especially since 40% of shoppers say they'll unsubscribe from a mailing list if included coupons or incentives aren't compelling enough. Weebly Promote makes it easy to build a mailing list and different groups of subscribers that you can provide with coupon codes and offers via email marketing.

Via Follow-Up

Target recent customers with thank you emails that include coupon codes, with the goal of seeing them come back and become returning customers. Nearly 68% of shoppers say that coupons increase their loyalty to a business.

Via Social

As with email, you want to drive customers back to your site when engaging with them on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. Coupons can be just as useful here. At least 58% of followers "like" brands in hopes of receiving special offers. Try running a contest on the social platform that works best for your audience and giving out coupon codes to particpants.

Via Your Site

In lieu of having a sale, put a coupon code on your homepage. "This week only, use coupon code "15OFF" to save 15% on all our menswear." This might be just the prompting some visitors need to convert to shoppers. You can dot this simply by adding a text element with your copy and the custom code you created using the coupon maker. You can also use apps like Better Coupon Box, Simple Coupons or Bulk Coupons.

If you're not sure which coupons will work best with your own audience, try out different types to determine what resonates. If 10% off all orders over $150 didn't do the trick, try free shipping. The best way to discover what works is a simple willingness to test things out.

How have you used coupon codes on your website? We'd love to hear how you've been able to drive sales with creative coupon campaigns.

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