Bring More Traffic to Your Site with January's Top Apps

New year, new website goals. Driving more visitors to your site is probably one of the top goals on that list, and we have a variety of tools in the App Center that can help.

Let's take a look at this month's top 3 apps for bringing traffic to your website.


Swell helps you build an engaged audience for your site. The app is designed to help you increase visitors, followers and revenue (for shop owners) with your own custom rewards program.

Swell helps you get visitors to your site by linking social media, email marketing, and gamification strategy into a single easy-to-use package. Swell works by creating linked campaigns across channels — starting with a simple social media campaign followed up with an email. Then, visitors are encouraged to return to your website to collect rewards points.


Babies at the Barre uses Swell in a few interesting ways. The app is linked on the website with an “Earn Rewards" pop-up on each page. Swell's mobile app is also used to reward customers for coming into any of the company's four studios for classes. This check-in feature is one of the tools that makes Swell unique from other traffic generating platforms — it gives merchants the ability to reward customers at both brick-and-mortar locations as well as online.

Site Booster

Getting found by search engines is a big part of traffic growth for websites of all sizes. Site Booster lists and monitors your website in all of the major business directories and search engines, including Google, Yahoo and Bing. The app also helps users find your physical location (if you have one) by plotting it on online maps.

Using Site Booster starts with just a few pieces of key information: your business address, hours and phone number. The app does the rest, so you can sit back while users come to you!


For the Love Creations is using this app already to help generate leads and traffic. Google the business name to see listing information in the search results page with the company logo, map and physical address prominently displayed in the local information box on the right.

Better Coupon Box

Nothing attracts customers like a great deal. Better Coupon Box helps you create high-value coupons and distribute them to the right visitors. The tool allows you to create a pop-up box with a discount for site users — creating a strong call to action that works on all devices.

A core feature of Better Coupon Box is its integration with social media. You can offer discounts or special codes to customers if they follow you on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. It's a win-win. You drive sales and increase your social media following.

The tool tracks user actions and can draw visitors in with a coupon offer if they're about to leave your site. It can also target special offers to new or existing customers. To keep your campaigns seamless, coupons also integrate with popular email marketing tools.


Dharma Yoga Wheel uses Better Coupon Box to engage users in multiple ways. First-time visitors are prompted to like the store's social media profiles with a landing pop-up box and all visitors are treated to a “get discount" box in the bottom corner of the screen, which also activates with a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram follow. And they're not alone. Retailers Black Out Bands and DingaDing Terrariums also use similar features to increase sales.

There are many more apps available in the App Center. Browse the site for apps and tools that best fit your website needs. If there's an app you'd like us to feature or add let us know in the comments!