BETA: Theme gallery and Design settings

We're finally ready to test out some new features we've been working on for a long time: a complete redesign of the "Designs" tab.

Since this is such a large feature and there might be some bugs, we're releasing it to only for now, so feel free to log-in and check it out.

What's new?

Theme Gallery

Instead of the theme categories being shown in the left bar, there's now an "All Themes" option. When you click on this button, you can browse themes in a larger, expanded gallery format. You can rate themes, view similar themes, and sort by Most Popular or Most Recent.


Theme Options

Right above the "All Themes" link is a "Design Options" button. When you click here, you can edit various design options of your theme, like font, color, and font size for your site title, paragraph title, paragraph text, and links.



The first button, "Favorites," is a list of your favorite themes and most popular Weebly themes. Before you choose any of your favorites, we've added ours to the list to get you started. And any time you see a theme thumbnail, you can click on the star to favorite it.

These have been our most requested features for a long time, and we're really excited to be able to show you a preview.

If you're interested in testing these new features, go to As you may encounter some bugs, please email with any issues you run into.

As always, we really appreciate your support, and we're excited to be testing these features now, so we can release them to everybody soon!