2 Awesome Automation Tools to Improve Your Customer Service and Grow Your Email List

Basic automation strategies can improve customer and visitor interactions on your website, blog or online store. Automating these important, yet repetitive communication tasks will allow you to do more with less, and provide a great experience for visitors, while saving you both time and money.

Here are two tools that can help you automate customer communication.



Uservoice is a customer service tool that helps you connect with visitors through a basic feedback widget that you can place on any page on your site. A visitor can click on the widget to ask questions through a simple contact form.

Uservoice provides an automated instant answers tool in this contact form that allows visitors see pre-populated help articles that might answer the question they just asked. This is a great way to automate responses to frequently asked questions on your site and improve the customer service experience by providing an instant solution to customer issues.

For example, if you find that customers ask lots of questions about international shipping costs, you can create an article with all the necessary information and add it to your Uservoice account. When a potential customer asks that question through the Uservoice widget, the help article will surface in response.

You can embed the UserVoice widget in just a few steps through Pages > Advanced Settings > Footer Code.



Zapier is an automation platform that can be used with Gmail and MailChimp to automate customer email list creation for your online store. If you use Gmail with your Weebly account, you can connect the confirmation emails sent for each store purchase with Zapier to automate the creation of an email list in MailChimp. We created a Zapier help article to walk you through the process.

With an email list of customers growing automatically, you can start sending newsletters and surveys without wasting time and energy gathering contact information. This means you focus on customer interaction and promotion without all the busy work.

Now that you've been introduced to some basic automation workflows, what tasks do you want to automate? We’ve love to hear about some of your time-saving solutions in the comments.